Landwolf Crypto 2024: POWERFUL In-Depth Analysis of Its Potential

LandWolf is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency that aims to usher in a new decentralized finance and trade era. LandWolf aims to create a robust and friendly environment for users worldwide by focusing on transparency, safety, and community-driven governance. LandWolf increases user confidence and trust by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology and a robust network of nodes to ensure transaction integrity and reliability. LandWolf, with its emphasis on environmental stewardship and sustainability, is well-positioned to impact the rapidly shifting cryptocurrency market significantly.

The preservation and conservation of animals is key to Landwolf Crypto Coin’s purpose. One unique cryptocurrency, LandWolf, grants its holders access to a decentralized ecosystem that promotes animal welfare. This objective is congruent with the token’s focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability, which sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies.


LandWolf’s tokenomics aims to ensure a fair and sustainable token distribution. The 100 million WOLF tokens will be distributed using a specified distribution method, including public and private sales and community-driven activities. The economic concept of the token centers on building trust and community, emphasizing transparency and equitable distribution. A vesting period for private sale participants is another aspect of tokenomics that helps to prevent market manipulation and ensure a constant token issuance schedule.
LandWolf aims to promote wildlife protection and preservation. The token’s total supply is 420,690,000 WOLF, with 420,690,000 WOLF in circulation. The current market cap of LandWolf is $12,006,833, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,054,341. The token has a maximum supply of 420,690,000 WOLF. 


Token Distribution

WOLF’s token distribution aims to provide a fair and transparent allocation of tokens. WOLF vows not to pre-allocate tokens to developers, team members, or marketing campaigns, with a focus on community-driven initiatives and a total supply cap of 420,690,000.

Token distribution consists of a mix of private and public sales, as well as community-driven enterprises. Participants in the private sale are subject to a vesting period, which ensures regular token issuance and helps to prevent market manipulation. This technique intends to boost their trust and faith in the token’s future value by creating a robust and friendly atmosphere for users.

How does Landwolf’s token distribution compare to other meme coins?

Landwolf has a capped total supply of 420,690,000 WOLF tokens, unlike many meme coins that have an unlimited or very large supply. This helps maintain scarcity and value.

WOLF has avoided pre-allocating tokens to developers, team members, or marketing campaigns. Many meme coins allocate a significant portion of tokens to insiders, which can lead to uneven distribution and potential dumping.

WOLF burns the initial liquidity pool tokens and relinquishes control to the community. This assures users that liquidity cannot be unexpectedly withdrawn, unlike some meme coins that maintain control over liquidity pools.

WOLF opposes hidden transaction taxes, ensuring fairness and transparency for users. Some meme coins implement hidden taxes that can negatively impact traders.

WOLF focuses on fostering a supportive community and genuine connections, rather than just hype and speculation. This community-driven approach is less common among meme coins.

Price Analysis

WOLF’s price has varied dramatically during the previous few months. The cryptocurrency has a 24-hour trading volume of USD 329,046.46 and a current price of USD 0.02833. This represents a 30.10% increase in transaction volume from the day before. CoinMarketCap ranks the coin #3257, with a market capitalization of USD 12,031,959.
On May 25, 2024, Landwolf hit an all-time high of USD 0.058. This represents a 50.69% reduction in price from its high at any given moment. On April 17, 2024, Landwolf achieved an all-time low of USD 0.01168. The price has risen by 144.83% since its all-time low.

Price Prediction

Various sites have various Landwolf price predictions. The following are some significant forecasts:

Short-term (2024): CoinCodex predicts that by June 30, 2024, Landwolf will have climbed by 233.13% to $0.000152. CoinCheckup predicts that $0.0013 will occur in one year. Coincu predicts that the average will be $0.0007700 at the end of 2024, $0.001323 by the end of 2025, and $0.003442 by the end of 2030.

Long-term (2025–2030): By the end of 2024, Coincu projects that Landwolf will average $0.0007700; by the end of 2025, it will rise to $0.001323; and by the end of 2030, it will reach $0.003442. 

Wolf.AI, Landwolf’s core AI video production platform, is expected to drive development through its innovative use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce high-quality films quickly and economically. These two criteria are significant predictors of the company’s future growth.

 Landwolf’s current market capitalization is $16,667,514, with a 24-hour trading volume of $765,577. The price estimate for Landwolf varies according to the source; some expect significant long- and short-term growth. Demand and market conditions are likely to influence the token’s price in the future.

Exchange Listing’s

Here are the change listings that host the Landwolf coin:

ExchangeScoreTrading Volume (24h)Avg. LiquidityWeekly VisitsMarketsCoinsFiat Supported
Binance9.9$17,401,763,57086013,274,8411633415EUR, GBP, BRL, +8 more
Coinbase Pro8.2$1,489,466,87974670,079402249USD, EUR, GBP
Kraken7.3$461,817,3407341,360,433270270USD, EUR, GBP, +4 more
Huobi Global
Bitfinex6.8$94,395,545557147,425185185USD, EUR, GBP, +1 more
KuCoin6.9$745,102,5045261,346,433821821USD, AED, ARS, +45 more
OKEx7.6$2,687,175,7545835,889,924329329AED, ARS, AUD, +43 more
Gate.io6.9$2,519,921,8244463,604,56121522152EUR, USD, GBP, +19 more

Road Map

LandWolf’s plan is mostly community-driven and lacks specificity. The salient points are as follows:

Launch: The launch phase is the initial step in the roadmap, which involves the release of the LandWolf token.

Buy: The “Buy” phase involves the public sale of LandWolf tokens, allowing users to purchase the token and participate in the ecosystem.

Chill: The “Chill” phase is the final step in the roadmap, which involves the token being listed on various exchanges and the community enjoying the fruits of their labor.

There is no formal team or detailed whitepaper available for LandWolf, and the project is primarily driven by the community.


Based on the limited information given, it is difficult to determine whether Landwolf is a sensible investment. Landwolf has a few price expectations on CoinCodex, but they are highly uncertain for the next several months. Prolonged projections over several years are necessary to adequately analyze investment opportunities. Based just on search results, it is nearly impossible to determine whether Landwolf is a good investment. To make an educated investment decision, further information about the Landwolf cryptocurrency project is necessary. To evaluate the token’s long-term viability and development potential, more than simply price estimates must be considered. So, any investment must be made with all the risks in full consideration.

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