Notcoin Insights: Why This Cryptocurrency is Set to Explode IN 2024

There are many unique coins active in the crypto world. But what is it that makes Notcoin a bit more unique than its peers? Is it the fact that it has a witty whitepaper fitting its name? Or is it that its website provides no useful information whatsoever?

Well, Bitcoin has nine empty pages for its whitepaper, and its website provides its visitors with some basic information on loop. Then how is it that this seemingly non-existent crypto coin has a market cap nearing a billion dollars? Moreover, Notcoin, raised $1.7 billion in a token sale in 2018, becoming the second-largest ICO in history. How was Notcoin able to do all these? This article will dive deep into this exact question.

What is Notcoin?

NOT is a game created by Open Builders that allows users to earn in-game cryptocurrency, also known as Notcoin, by continuously touching the screen. Notcoin began as a popular Telegram game that introduced many people to Web3 via a tap-to-earn mining mechanism. Since its launch on January 1, 2024, NOT has grown in popularity rapidly. 

NOT’s objective is to build a decentralized platform that can serve a variety of applications while maintaining a high level of security and transparency. The game’s amazing popularity, as well as Notcoin’s $22 billion market valuation in less than six months since its introduction, is proof of its incredible success.

Features of Notcoin

NOT ensures network security through the use of powerful encryption techniques and consensus procedures. These technologies enable us to process a huge volume of transactions at a low cost. One of the primary benefits of NOT is its fast transaction processing speed, which makes it appealing for widespread use. Low costs also assist in boosting the number of users.

Some of the other features of NOT include:

  • Decentralization: a complete lack of central control.
  • Transparency: All transactions and data are open for public inspection.
  • Security: Data protection is achieved by the use of contemporary encryption methods.


NOT has a maximum supply of 102.72 billion. While it is a high number simultaneously, there is nothing exceptional about this number. Many coins have their numbers in trillions, and many have theirs in millions or billions. 

But what makes this number interesting is that it cannot be considered low or insanely high. Notcoin also has a total supply of the same number, which is 102.72 billion. Even the circulating supply is the same. Its success can be seen by looking at the market cap, which sits at approximately $950 million, which is just $50 million shy of the $1 billion mark. And its fully diluted market cap is also almost the same, sitting at nearly $940 million.


Notcoin Token and Token Distribution

$NOT is a community token. NOT’s tokenomics comprise a total quantity of 102,719,221,714 NOT tokens, which are distributed to diverse organizations like miners, ecosystem funds, and community incentives. The debut of $NOT tokens on The Open Network (TONNE) included airdrops to gamers as well as a novel distribution technique for the over 35 million players who mined them. 

Notcoin began as a popular Telegram game that introduced many people to Web3 via a tap-to-earn mining mechanism.

  • Explore: Users earn when discovering Web3 products.
  • Play: Users participate in new games and get more.
  • Contribute: Users earn by adding value to the ecosystem.
  • Offer: Web3 builders can offer their products to the community via Notcoin campaigns.

Here’s how Notcoin’s token is distributed:

Binance Launchpool: 3%

Miners: 78%

Ecosystem Fund: 9%

Community Incentives: 5%

Development: 5%

Price Analysis

Notcoin started in May 2024, with an initial price of USD 0.0010. The price hit a peak of USD 0.0015 in the first week of trade, spurred by strong demand from early adopters and speculators.

In subsequent months, the price has stabilized in the $0.0011-USD 0.0013 area, with occasional dips and rallies. The all-time high for Notcoin was experienced 12 days ago, on May 28, 2024, when its price hit $0.01445 on May 16, 2024. Surprisingly, its all-time low was recorded even more recently, when its price fell to $0.004605.

Price Prediction

According to experts, Notcoin’s price might grow to $0.0020–0.0025 USD over the next six to twelve months as usage increases, new use cases emerge, and the ecosystem expands. However, the price is susceptible to fluctuations and potential revisions, particularly in the early phases of the project’s progress.

The ability of Notcoin to become the dominant cryptocurrency in the gaming and metaverse industries will determine its long-term price rise.

Exchange Listing’s

MEXC Global2
Bitget Exchange2
ProBit Global

Road Map

The Notcoin project features well-defined development stages, which include new feature releases, security enhancements, and ecosystem expansion. Each stage aims to achieve the project’s long-term goals. It is intended to incorporate future services and applications that will be accessible in the Notcoin ecosystem. This might involve innovative user experiences, enhanced functionality, and increased relationships. The roadmap for Notcoin includes major developments and events.

Listing Announcement: Notcoin predicted a listing on April 20, 2024, corresponding with the Bitcoin halving event. The mining phase for Notcoin concluded on April 1, 2024, as stated by the project.

Airdrop: The team also indicated that an airdrop was on its way through the Open Network. Pre-Market Trading: Before the formal listing, Bybit launched the NOT Pre-Market, which allows buyers and sellers to exchange new tokens at fixed rates. 

Final Thought’s

Notcoin has the potential for tremendous value development, particularly as the ecosystem grows and the number of users increases. The potential to utilize the currency for a variety of services appeals to investors. However, NOT, like any other cryptocurrency, has the dangers of volatility, regulatory changes, and potential technological flaws. These considerations must be considered while making investment decisions.

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