The Growth of Bouncebit Coin IN 2024: Analysing Market Trends and Predictions

Bouncebit Coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that aims to transform online transactions by improving scalability, security, and speed. Bouncebit Coin, built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, aims to address some of the most pressing issues confronting the cryptocurrency market, including high fees, slow transaction times, and security vulnerabilities. 

Fundamentally, Bouncebit Coin employs cutting-edge cryptographic techniques to ensure the security and immutability of every transaction. This makes it a good alternative for normal customers and businesses looking for a dependable and effective payment solution. Bouncebit Coin’s core blockchain technology enables smart contracts, which allow for automated and trustless transactions that have the potential to disrupt industries like supply chain management, real estate, and banking. Bouncebit Coin’s commitment to scalability is one of its most prominent features.

Bouncebit Coin is well-suited for widespread adoption since it can handle many transactions per second using cutting-edge consensus algorithms and sharding tactics. Because of its scalability, the network will continue to run fast and efficiently even as the number of users grows, avoiding the congestion issues that plague many other cryptocurrencies.


BounceBit’s total quantity is limited to 2,100,000,000 coins. A total of 409,500,000 BB are now in circulation. BounceBit’s current market capitalization is $256,533,896, based on a price of $0.628537125784644.

BounceBit’s 24-hour trading volume is $153,033,110, representing 59.65% of the market value. Assuming the 2,100,000,000 BB supply is in circulation, the fully diluted market capitalization is $1,315,558,443.

The price of BounceBit has risen by 53.40% in the last seven days but has fallen by 0.20% in the last 24 hours. On May 27, 2024, BB hit an all-time high of $1.32, 19.20% higher than its current price. On May 20, 2024, the price fell to an all-time low of $0.54495, 107.30% less than the current value.


BOunceBit Token Allocation 

Testnet and TVL Incentive: 4% of the total supply, unlocked at the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Investors: 21% of the total supply, with a 12-month lock and then monthly unlocks of 5%.

Team: 10% of the total supply, with a 12-month lock and then monthly unlocks of 2.5%.

Advisors: 5% of the total supply, with a 12-month lock and then monthly unlocks of 2.5%.

Binance Megadrop: 8% of the total supply, unlocked at the TGE.

Market making: 3% of the total supply is unlocked at the TGE.

BounceClub & Ecosystem Reserve: 14% of the total supply, with 4.5% unlocked at the TGE, then locked for 12 months, and then unlocked monthly at 6.5%. 

Staking Reward and Delegation Programme: 35% of the total supply, unlocked across 10 years.

Price Analysis

Recent price changes for BounceBit (BB) have been notable, with swings in both short- and long-term patterns. The price of BB has dropped by -0.64% in the last day to $0.629 a share. However, the token has increased by 32.5%, which is most likely because of the recent announcement of a collaboration with Ethena Labs, indicating that the market is optimistic and that there may be an opportunity for expansion. BounceBit’s market capitalization is $256,533,896, putting it at #260 on CoinGecko.

BounceBit’s fully diluted valuation is $1,315,558,443, which is the maximum market capitalization if all 2.1 billion BB coins were in circulation. There are now 409,500,000 BB tokens in circulation. These figures give information on the token’s market position and the possibility for future valuation growth. When compared to its competitors, BounceBit’s price has climbed by 52.90% in the last seven days, outperforming the global cryptocurrency market. This outcome puts BounceBit in a favorable position within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, demonstrating strong investor sentiment and market interest.

Price Predictions

By the end of 2024, the price of BB is predicted to have surpassed the $0.75 resistance level and reached $1.99. BB is presently selling at $0.625342800146, a 1.07% decline over the previous day. By 2025, BB might cost $2.40466667. This estimate is based on the token’s long-term upward trend, which is likely to continue. By 2026, BB should cost $3.82700000, with a potential immense return on investment. This forecast is based on the token’s continued expansion and increased acceptance. Finally, the price of BB is anticipated to reach $10 by 2030. This prediction is based on the token’s long-term growth and increased use.

Significant price swings in BounceBit (BB) have lately occurred, with changes in both short- and long-term patterns. BB is presently trading at $0.625342800146, a 1.07% decline from the previous day. The currency has surged 32.5%, most likely as a result of the recent news of a collaboration with Ethena Labs, showing strong market sentiment and future growth prospects.

Road Map

BounceBit’s initial development phase will focus on the Testnet launch and the deployment of the TVL (Total Value Locked) incentive plan. Developers and early adopters will receive 4% of the total supply as an incentive for joining the Testnet. Following the successful Testnet launch, attention will shift to the Token Generation Event (TGE), during which the Market Making and Binance Megadrop programs will go live, releasing 3% and 8% of the total supply, respectively.

We will begin building our community and ecosystem simultaneously by allocating 4.5 percent of the entire supply to BounceClub and the ecological reserve. During this period, we will also introduce our investor program, which will lock down 21% of the tokens and provide a structured unlock schedule following the initial 12-month lock.

 The next step will focus on gradually unlocking the team, advisors, and ecosystem development tokens. Following a 12-month lock, the team and advisors’ allocations will unlock every month over the next few years, ensuring their continued support for BounceBit’s development. After the first year, the Ecosystem Reserve and BounceClub will be unlocked simultaneously at a rate of 6.5% each month.

A decade-long deployment of the Staking Reward and Delegation Programme, which amounts to 35% of the total supply, will offer community incentives and long-term growth. To sustain BounceBit’s robust and lively environment, we will prioritize improving platform features, expanding collaborations, and increasing the user population during this period.

Exchange Listings

Here are the exchange listings in where the bouncebit coin is listed:

ExchangeScoreTrading Volume (24h)Avg. LiquidityWeekly Visits# Markets# CoinsFiat Supported
Binance9.9$14,081,238,00291013,274,8411633415EUR, GBP, BRL, and +8 more
Coinbase8.2$1,867,420,43879270,079402249USD, EUR, GBP
Kraken7.3$466,565,6687591,360,433818268USD, EUR, GBP, and +4 more
OKX7.6$2,169,686,2856145,889,924737329AED, ARS, AUD, and +43 more
KuCoin6.9$625,505,3935521,346,4331353819USD, AED, ARS, and +45 more
Bitfinex6.8$136,750,640574147,425410185USD, EUR, GBP, and +1 more
Gate.io6.9$2,411,995,2334693,604,56136272150EUR, USD, GBP, and +19 more
Bybit7.8$3,241,886,4586246,027,807903636USD, EUR, GBP, and +3 more

Final Thought’s

The view that the bulk of Bitcoin’s infrastructure should be asset-driven, highlighting BTC’s flexibility, is a key component of BounceBit’s creative framework. BounceBit distinguishes itself as a standalone Proof of Stake (PoS) Layer 1 ecosystem rather than adhering to the constraining paradigms of existing Layer 2 solutions that are directly connected to the Bitcoin network. This unique network forces validators to stake both BTC and native BounceBit tokens, resulting in a dual-token security system that strengthens the network and increases BTC’s inherent value by letting it actively engage in network validation.

In light of all these facts, one may think that he or she should invest in the coin without wasting any more time, but one must remember to always take caution and only invest with advice from a professional. Before choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in, it is crucial to do an extensive study and comprehend the hazards. Furthermore, remaining up-to-date on industry advancements and market trends will assist in helping you make more intelligent investment decisions.

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