Unlocking the Potential of Ronin-Coin: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024


Ronin-Coin: Decentralization is an important component of blockchain technology and one of the most significant drivers behind its advancement. And it is true even for the much-famed Ronin coin. The Ronin blockchain was officially launched in February 2021 by Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity.

“It’s important that Ronin has shared ownership by the community that builds and uses it. In the first month of Ronin, Axie experienced a 300% increase in monthly NFT trading volume and a 131% increase in daily active battlers,” said Jeff Zirlin, Sky Mavis growth lead and co-founder.

Ronin-Coin is an EVM blockchain specifically developed for gaming. The Ronin blockchain is the first to handle more than $4 billion in NFT volumes and scale a single game to millions of daily active players. Ronin is the greatest solution for Web3 games since it is optimized for practically quick transactions and low costs, allowing for millions of in-game transactions with ease.

Less Energy Consumption

Each transaction on the Ronin blockchain generates 0.0000015 kg of carbon, whereas one Ethereum transaction emits 125.26 kg and one Bitcoin transaction emits 1,079.18 kg. As a result, as compared to the blockchains for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Ronin blockchain requires less energy whilst being one of the most successful cryptocurrencies ever.

Ronin-Coin Tokenomics

The value and utility of Ronin-coin inside the Ronin ecosystem are dependent on an understanding of its tokenomics. A summary of Ronin’s tokenomics is provided below:

  • Total Supply:1,000,000,000 RON
  • Circulating Supply: 324,930,284 RON
  • Fully diluted market cap: $3,182,533,829
  • Market cap: $1,034,120,648


RON is distributed as follows:

  • Rewards (25%): staking and bridge incentives
  • Community (30%): liquidity mining, content creation, rewards programs, grants, and hackathons.
  • Team (30%): Sky Mavis
  • Ecosystem fund (15%): grants, investments, and hackathons bringing game-changing content, applications, and tooling to Ronin.

Out of the total supply of 1,000,000,000 RON tokens, 25% is allocated to fund the staking reward. According to the RON unlock schedule, the rewards are set to be allocated over 108 months.

Price Analysis

As of 27 May 2024, Ronin-coin is currently trading at $3.18 with a 24-hour trading volume of $15,823,843.06, representing a -1.18% price decline in the last 24 hours. Ronin-coin has a market capitalization of $1,047,037,870 and a circulating supply of 324,791,662 RON out of a total supply of 1,000,000,000 RON. The all-time high for Ronin (RON) was $4.50 which was its price on March 13, 2024. Almost two years prior, Ronin (RON) had experienced its all-time low when its price hit $0.1976 on Nov 22, 2022.

Price Prediction

Most analysts predict that Ronin (RON) prices will be positive in 2024, ranging from $2.85 to $4.124 at the end of the year. Nonetheless, by June 22, 2024, the current Ronin price estimate predicts a “-9.93%” drop to $2.87. Future Ronin (RON) price predictions for 2025–2030 reveal huge disparities. While some analysts forecast a more gradual increase to $0.3133 by 2030, others see Ronin (RON) reaching $5.235 in 2025 and $14.493 in 2027.

Exchange Listings

Here are some exchanges that have listed Ronin (RON):


Road Map And Completed Milestone

Road Map

2020: Land and Items migrated to Ronin (Completed)

2021: Axies migrated to Ronin (Completed)

2021: Axie: Origin Alpha (Completed)

2021: $AXS staking (Completed)

2022: Land Gameplay Community Alpha (Completed)

2022: Land gameplay (COmpleted)

2022: Lunacia SDK Alpha (N/A, converted to builder’s program cookbook for now) (Completed)

2023: Axie Part Upgrades

2023: Axie Merch Store

Completed Milestones

February 2023: New AxieInfinity.com website launched

February 2023: Offer Feature LIVE on App.axie

May 2023: Origins launched on AppStore & iOS (select countries)

May 2023: Avatar Forge on App.axie launched

July 2023: AXP Launch + integrated into App.axie and Origins

July 2023: Project T launched

July 2023: Mavis Hub Greenlight launched

July 2023: First-ever Lunacian Badges released

September 2023: Homeland Pre-Beta Phase launched

September 2023: Lunalog launched on App.Axie

Recent Events For Ronin (RON)

On May 20, 2024, Ronin-Coin announced the release of version 2.0.3 of its wallet extension. This update addresses several issues and introduces improvements. Among the fixes are a visual issue that displayed “no token found” within the token list, an issue that incorrectly flagged the password as incorrect despite users inputting the correct password, and an issue where token balances were slow to update after transactions.

HTX will list Ronin (RON) on April 29th under the RONIN/USDT trading pair. Ronin is set to undergo a network upgrade at block height 3236740000 on February 26th at 07:00 UTC. Ronin has announced strategic updates to its Katana liquidity mining program for the first quarter. The updates include new RON reward emissions for liquidity providers (LPs). The first phase of these updates is set to begin on March 1st.

Final Thought’s

The Ronin, which encompasses all of Axie Infinity’s assets such as Axies, Land, SLP, and AXS, accounted for 15% of all NFT trading activity in 2021. In terms of NFT sales volume, Ronin is second only to Ethereum. Although there are multiple other chains, Ronin is the only one that has proven it can reach millions of players each day with a single game.

You can engage in staking and pay for gas with RON tokens. To get rewards, they can be staked using validators. Token holders on Ronin engage in validator selection by staking their RON, and they are rewarded for their efforts with incentives. Testnet participants may stake their RON against validators on Ronin’s Saigon Tesnet, where staking first became possible. Despite all these amazing feats, Ronin (RON) may have just another surprise under its sleeve. However, caution must be taken while investing in any cryptocurrency. 

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