Zignaly (ZIG): A groundbreaking cryptocurrency project with a mission to redefine the world of investment management.

Zignaly (ZIG)
Zignaly (ZIG)

Zignaly (ZIG) is one of the few cryptocurrencies on the market that not only claims to have a vision of redefining the world of the crypto market but is actively working towards it. ZIG is backed by a whole team of those who seem passionate about their work. Zignaly aims to create a sustainable environment that gives power to investors, fund managers, and fund composers whilst encouraging new technological innovations and collaborations throughout the industry.

ZIG claims to have taken the main points that are the cause of many issues in the industry and have their solutions specifically tailored to it. If these claims are of any true nature, then ZIG is not going anywhere soon and is going to stick around for a long long time.

Zignaly coin Tokenomics

Although Zingaly had its all-time high in September 2021 when it peaked at $0.2129, it has dropped more than 48% ever since. As of 23rd May 2024, the value of the Zignaly (ZIG) coin sits at $0.1103. Zignaly (ZIG) has an immense total supply, sitting around at 1.97 billion.

It also boasts a massive circulating supply of around 1.44 billion. ZIG has a maximum supply of exactly 2 billion coins. This is the limit and no new coins can be minted. This limit ensures scarcity and value preservation at the same time. Zignaly (ZIG) has a fully diluted market cap of around $220.3 million.

The tokenomics of the ZIG is structured around a balanced and sustainable ecosystem that empowers and rewards users and investors alike and fosters an ever-growing community.

Token Distribution

Team: 27.25% (locked Till January 2024, 3 years linear vesting) Zignaly Treasury: 35% (Currently held by the ZIG treasury with more to be disclosed in line with the ZIGDAO rollout plans) Circulating Supply: Approx 30% (Verified on CG & CMC) Liquidity Provision: 5% (Maintained with Market Makers to ensure significant liquidity across CEXs and to prepare for the new listings) The small remaining supply is granted to the partners and advisors with long-term vesting schedules. Most of the remaining supply is with the project sponsors & partners who have continued to buy from the market and are tied with equity ownership.

Price Analysis

Zignaly (ZIG) was founded in 2018 by three friends Bart, Rafay, and David. Currently, it boasts more than 30 employees worldwide who share the same vision and purpose.

As of 23rd May 2024, the price of ZIG sits around $0.11 with a 24-hour trading volume of $3.09 million. This price has increased by 11.10% in the last 24 hours. ZIG has a market capitalization of approximately $130 million, making it the 398th largest cryptocurrency.

The all-time high price of ZIG was $0.2129, reached on September 6, 2021. The current price is 66.9% below this ATH. Zignaly (ZIG) had an all-time low when it hit $0.004315 on July 13, 2023.

Despite its lows and highs it has preserved and has not lost its original purpose nor the drive have been diminished. Zignaly Coin (ZIG) presents a promising investment within the cryptocurrency space


Exchange Listings

The amount of places this ZIG has been listed makes it easy to buy or sell it. Zignaly Coin (ZIG) was created as part of the ZIG platform, which was originally founded in Spain. Apart from the Zignaly platform, you can also buy the coin from various other sources.

Some of them include:

AscendEX (BitMax)
ZT Global
MEXC Global
ProBit Global

Road Map For Zignaly (ZIG)

Zignaly Coin (ZIG) was created as part of the Zignaly platform, which was originally founded in Spain.

2018: Zignaly launches a closed beta and reaches USD 1 million in trading volume during the first weeks.

2019: Zignaly launches a Copy Trading feature for Binance and KuCoin.

2020: Zignaly launches the profit-sharing model, laying the foundation for social crypto investing.

2021: Zignaly launched the ZIG Coin, raising $3m in a private sale, to further accelerate growth.

2022: Zignaly secures $50m in additional funding from top investors to fuel its global expansion, new products & partnerships — securing our spot as the leader of the Social Investing revolution.

2023: Zignaly introduces Profit Sharing 2.0. This new version features a sleek interface, advanced tools for crypto traders, and a fair accounting system that benefits all investors.

Future And Recent Events For Zignaly (ZIG)

Zignaly’s co-founders will host an AMA on X on the 29th of April at 6 PM UTC. The discussion topics will include ZIGChain, Token2049 Dubai, and the issuance of a license for digital asset management among other subjects.

ZIG is set to launch its AI-powered Ninja Shuttles NFT collection on the Injective platform on March 21st. This launch is expected to be the largest in the Injective Ecosystem.

ZIG will participate in the NVIDIA GTC AI Conference in San Jose on March 18th-21st. The conference is one of the largest gatherings of developers, venture capitalists, and startups in the artificial intelligence sector.

Zignaly is preparing for significant updates in May. ZIG, a social investment platform using the Z-Score technology to connect fund managers with investors worldwide, announced the launch of ZIGChain, a cutting-edge, layer-1 blockchain on Cosmos.

Price Prediction

Here is a list of some speculative price predictions based on current trends and latest analyses

Short-term (2024): If the cryptocurrency market remains bullish and ZIG continues to expand its ecosystem, ZIG could see modest growth, potentially reaching $0.10 to $0.20.

Mid-term (2025): With sustained platform growth, increased adoption, and broader market stability, ZIG might achieve a price range of $0.30 to $0.50.

Long-term (2026-2030): If Zignaly solidifies its position in the crypto investment space and the market experiences significant growth, ZIG could potentially reach $1.00 or higher. However, this is highly speculative and depends on many external factors.

Final Thoughts

Apart from many other successes, ZIG became the world’s first licensed social investment platform, acquiring the CAT-II license from the Financial Services Conduct Authority of South Africa. This Category II License is part of an exclusive, advanced set of digital asset regulations in G20 countries, making ZIG a reliable and safe investment platform committed to delivering unmatched wealth creation opportunities.

Adding all this to the fact that its future market valuations look bright, ZIG makes the ideal coin to invest your money in. However, it must be kept in mind that it involves a certain amount of risk and the cryptocurrency marketplace is highly known for being volatile. So expert advice must be sought out along with independent research before any investment is made.

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